Turkmenistan Manat to Euro | Terms and Conditions

Thanks to the offers that we frequently receive from MANATs Providers, we can help to conclude \”MANAT TMT – EURO\” investment contracts for any natural person or company wishing to officially obtain this currency (any amount), without complications. , and at very competitive prices.

The MANAT TMT is a sovereign currency supervised by the Central Bank of Turkmenistan, so it is necessary, before starting any deal, to receive an LOI from the buyer to check the following documents:

  • An LOI from the buyer specifying the desired amount in MANAT TMT by confirming the NET and GROSS prices of the provider and its proposed conditions.
  • Account number 934 to check its validity and availability to receive Manat TMT
  • CIS and client\’s passport to ensure that neither the client nor his company is blacklisted by the Central Bank of Turkmenistan

After confirming the feasibility of the Deal, the client must send the provider an RWA (a letter from his bank certifying that his client has the necessary financial capacity to carry out this business.
A schedule of desired transactions if it is not a single transaction.

Also, we inform any party interested in cooperating with us in this area, that any fraud or falsification noted in the data provided to us, for the benefit of any blacklisted customer, is liable to prosecution by the competent authorities.

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