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Financial Services

Financial Instruments

We can help you monetize your letters of credit, the level of the rate…

MANAT <=> Euro

How our Petroleum Partners are interested in the MANAT Currency…

Trading Programs PPP

Thanks to our licensed Suppliers and experts in this Trading program…

Gold Trade

We are able to offer you competitive pricing and product availability. There are only a handful of companies that are serious and able to process gold orders from the buy-side to the sell-side.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

We work alongside operators and international oil trading companies in accordance with the Rules…

Empty oil barrels

We are dedicated to providing you with a wide range of mild steel drums and barrels…

Our partners in this specialty have oil “tankers” or “supertankers” to transport petroleum products …


Construction and Restoration of Oil and Gas Refineries

Our Partners, Promoters, and Manufacturers of specialized industrial units are at your disposal for any construction, renovation, or restoration of petroleum industrial units.

BOT Projects

Invest, develop and build projects

We help governments and landlords get their megaprojects up and running through our large global business partners…

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