Visiting Both Spain and Morocco – It’s Easier Than You Think and Makes a Lot of Sense!

If your travel plans have you visiting the Iberian Peninsula, we suggest adding some time in Morocco as well. Visiting Spain and Morocco together may sound daunting, but it’s actually a lot easier than you may think. There are good reasons to visit both countries together – the shared history is just one of many.

Easy Travel Between Spain and Morocco

Getting from Spain to Morocco has never been easier than it is today. There are multiple options available for travelers:

  1. Ferry: The popular ferry from several cities in Spain to Tangier operates multiple times a day. This is a convenient option if you are already in one of the cities with ferry connections.
  2. Flights: Many inexpensive flights are available between Spain and Morocco. Major carriers like Iberia have several routes, and low-cost carriers like EasyJet, Ryanair, Air Arabia, and Vueling also operate routes to Morocco daily. The travel time is relatively short, with flights from Seville to Marrakech taking just 55 minutes and Barcelona to Tangier taking under two hours.

Historical and Cultural Connections

Spain and Morocco have a rich shared history, particularly during the period of Al Andalus. Here are some examples of the historical and cultural connections between the two countries:

  1. Mezquita of Cordoba: This iconic site in Andalusia showcases examples of calligraphy and tile work similar to what you will find in places like Morocco’s Ben Youssef Madrassa in Marrakech.
  2. Giralda in Seville: The doors of Spain\’s Seville Cathedral bear a striking similarity to the doors of Dar al Makhzen in Fez, Morocco.
  3. Alhambra in Granada: This palace in Spain has design and style similarities with many buildings in Morocco.
  4. Culinary Crossovers: There are many culinary crossovers between Spain and Morocco, with dishes like B’stilla having origins in both countries.
  5. Language: Arabic has had a strong impact on the Spanish language, with an estimated eight percent of the Spanish dictionary derived from or directly found in Arabic. Similarly, the Moroccan Arabic dialect of Darija includes a heavy use of Spanish words.

Why Choose a Morocco Tour Operator

While it is possible to explore Spain and Morocco on your own, choosing a tour operator for the Morocco portion of your adventure can provide a more relaxed and stress-free experience. Morocco can be overwhelming, especially for first-time visitors, due to language barriers and a less robust infrastructure. A tour operator can help with transportation, city selection, accommodation, and recommendations for the best experiences.

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