Professional Ethics

We are able to find investors, financiers, or lenders for your large and medium-sized projects and services, and also, we can find you financial solutions to solve any financial difficulties you face, under the conditions that suit you, in conditions, that each request must be supported by a reliable and fixed file.

AFETOP does not act as a direct financier or investor, but rather a guiding, and advisory company, directing its services to governments and private companies, with the aim of helping its clients obtain investment, financing, or appropriate lending for their large and medium projects, thanks to its reliable international network of big investors and financial experts partners, since we are very well connected with international financial platforms that are able to respond to the majority of financial service requests, from the simplest to the most complex.

We choose the partner of your project and we provide you with the ideal interlocutor according to your request, and we also confirm that we are not responsible for the failure of any deal after that, it is up to the project owner or the service applicant to manage the deal with his financial and legal experts before signing any contract, but if there is a desire to cost our company with this aspect, one of our international lawyers’ offices in Canada, Belgium or France can do this task for a fee that will be determined according to the type and importance of the deal.

In short, we are here to help those looking for finance meet their financial needs and make it a reality.

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