Obtain Your Tailored SBLC: Essential Information for Your Purchase Request


Welcome to our specialized website for acquiring Standby Letters of Credit (SBLCs). In order to best meet your needs, please provide us with the following information to obtain an SBLC tailored to your specific situation:

To facilitate the acquisition of the SBLC, please provide the following information:

  1. Objective: Please specify the intended use of the SBLC, whether it is for commercial transactions, project financing, or any other purpose.
  2. Amount: Indicate the nominal value or desired amount of the SBLC for purchase.
  3. Duration: Specify the required validity period or expiration date of the SBLC.
  4. Issuing bank: Inform us if you have any specific preferences or requirements regarding the issuing bank, such as favorite banks or preferred jurisdictions. Alternatively, if the choice of issuing bank is not a critical factor, please let us know.
  5. Guarantee: Confirm that you have available funds equivalent to at least 50% of the SBLC amount for a purchase or at least 20% for a lease. This will enable us to offer you a more favorable rate compared to the rates typically requested.
  6. Terms and Conditions: If there are any specific terms or conditions you would like to include in the SBLC agreement, such as payment terms or delivery methods, please provide those details.
  7. Compliance: If you are aware of any specific compliance or regulatory requirements that need to be considered for the transaction, especially in international dealings involving multiple jurisdictions, please inform us.
  8. Timing: If there is a specific deadline by which you need the SBLC to be issued, kindly indicate any urgent deadlines or time constraints.
  9. Buyer\\\’s Customer Information Sheet (CIS): Complete and submit the buyer\\\’s customer information sheet (CIS) along with your SBLC purchase request.
  10. SBLC Establishment Fees: Please acknowledge that there will be an establishment fee associated with acquiring the SBLC. Agreeing to pay these fees will result in a more advantageous purchase rate. However, if you choose not to cover the establishment costs and only pay the purchase price, please note that the purchase price will be higher. The service provider will then bear the establishment costs, which will be reflected in the proposed purchase price.

It is important to consider these establishment costs when making your decision to acquire an SBLC, as they can significantly impact the final purchase price.

In conclusion, please contact us to proceed with your SBLC purchase request. Our team is eager to assist you and ensure that the SBLC meets your specific requirements.

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