Ditch the Maze, Unleash Your Tech Career: How Hired Connects You to Dream Jobs & Top Companies (with Salary Transparency & Video Interviews!)

  1. Tech Jobs: As Hired focuses on the tech industry, this broad keyword will attract tech talent browsing for new opportunities.
  2. Direct Connect: Highlight the platform\’s unique selling point of directly connecting job seekers with hiring companies, bypassing traditional job boards.
  3. Startup Jobs: Many tech job seekers target exciting startups, so emphasize access to over 10,000 innovative companies, including startups and unicorns.
  4. Remote Jobs/Hybrid Jobs: Remote and hybrid work options are highly sought after, so prominently mention Hired\’s focus on these flexibilities.
  5. Tech Roles: List specific tech roles like software engineering, product management, data, and design to attract relevant talent seeking those positions.
  6. Upfront Salary: Transparency in compensation is crucial for job seekers. Highlight Hired\’s feature of upfront salary discussions.
  7. Faster Hiring: Emphasize Hired\’s streamlined hiring process with video interviews, appealing to job seekers who want a quicker process than traditional methods.
  8. Free Platform: Assure job seekers and employers that signup and basic usage of Hired are free, removing a potential barrier to entry.
  9. Career Resources: Mention additional features like a salary calculator, success stories, podcasts, and learning content to showcase Hired as a valuable career resource.
  10. Growing Companies: Job seekers want to be part of successful companies. Highlight Hired\’s focus on connecting talent with growing businesses.

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