Private Placement Program (PPP) Trade: 40-Week Duration with Rolls and Extensions

  1. A minimum of 100 Million Euros or USD is Required for the PPP Trade Program with Top Prime Bank
  2. Complete KYC Documentation Required for the PPP Trade Program
  3. KYC Must Include Proof of Title Holder and RWA for MT760
  4. Trade Contract Provided After Due Diligence and Fund Verification
  5. Swift MT760 Confirmation Marks the Start of Trade Program

In our PPP trade program, we offer a duration of 40 weeks with the option for rolls and extensions up to 5 times. To participate, clients must have a minimum of 100 million euros or USD in their account at a top prime bank. It\\\’s important to note that the funds will always remain in the client\\\’s account and will not be moved.

To get started, investors need to provide us with their complete KYC documentation. This includes fresh proof of being the title holder and a Ready Willing and Able (RWA) statement from the bank, which can be sent via MT760. The RWA should be signed by two bank officers, and a copy of their business cards should be included as proof.

Once the client\\\’s due diligence (DD) and fund verification process is completed successfully, the investor will receive a contract for trade from our platform. This contract outlines the terms and conditions of the trade program.

After the Swift MT760 confirmation by the platform\\\’s bank, the trade program will commence at the beginning of the following week. The investor will receive remuneration at an average of 100% net per month, which includes the commission for intermediaries.

The frequency of payments will depend on the specific trade program at the moment. Payments can be made weekly, every two weeks, or monthly, as determined by the program.

Please note that this PPP trade program is designed for qualified investors who meet the specified requirements.

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