05| Food Industry

The food industry is a strategic economic sector as well as the food distribution sector which represents a large part of the international economy.

In Morocco, the sector has thousands of food service establishments and through well-studied distribution channels, we can serve:

Retail trade (supermarkets and other stores distributing food),
The national and international foodservice trade (cafes, hotels, restaurants, etc.) and
Actors in the food distribution sector (food agents or brokers, distributors, and wholesalers).

Our Goal:

To assist you in the supply of retail food and food services. by ensuring the representation of the products and by helping you to establish the agricultural products on the market that you represent.
Thanks to our experience and our professional relationships with Moroccan and global distributors and wholesalers, on a large scale, we can provide you with quality products at very advantageous prices.

Our Business in this sector:

  • Certified Organic Fruits and Vegetables
  • meat industries
  • dairy industries
  • grain industries (storage, flour milling, livestock feed manufacturers, etc.)
  • beverage industries
  • animal feed manufacturing industries
  • fish industries
  • fruit and vegetable industries
  • fat industries
  • other food industries
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