A Modern Agricultural Enterprise Spearheading Sustainable Growth

\”The farmer is the true hero of the world.\”—Ralph Waldo Emerson

This powerful statement encapsulates the essence of Our Bulgarian Group, a rapidly growing Bulgarian business group that has revolutionized the agricultural landscape through its unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability.


Our Bulgarian Group is a family of interconnected companies, each playing a pivotal role in the group\’s comprehensive service cycle. At the heart of this dynamic organization lies [Central Company Name], the central building block that orchestrates the group\’s diversified activities.


Our Bulgarian Group\’s journey began in 2005, transforming from a humble mill and a single truck into a modern agri-enterprise that has earned a reputation for excellence. Over the years, the group has strategically shifted its focus from milling production to encompass a broader spectrum of services, including grain and oilseeds trading, seed distribution, fertilizer supply, and crop protection solutions.


Our Bulgarian Group stands as a trusted partner in the agricultural trade, fostering partnerships with producers and exporters across Bulgaria. The group\’s export activities extend across the European Union, North Africa, and Asia, a testament to its global reach and expertise.


Our Bulgarian Group is a beacon of prosperity in the grain trade, committed to providing high-quality raw materials, products, and services to its valued customers and partners. The group\’s mission is anchored in proactivity, sustainable business development, and unwavering innovation.


Our Bulgarian Group envisions a future where modern eco-agriculture reigns supreme, fostering sustainable growth while safeguarding the environment and human well-being. The group embraces bold entrepreneurial ideas, backed by unwavering professionalism and a keen eye for technological advancements.


Dialogue: Our Bulgarian Group prioritizes open communication, understanding the needs of its partners and striving to exceed their expectations.

Predictability: The group is committed to providing sustainable and advanced solutions, fostering long-term and loyal partnerships.

Reciprocity: Our Bulgarian Group interacts with its partners in a non-judgmental, respectful, and consistent manner, valuing mutual respect and collaboration.


Our Bulgarian Group is a 100% Bulgarian-owned private company with a rich heritage in grain, oilseeds, and fertilizers trade. The group has established a well-positioned trading unit that actively collaborates with farmers and suppliers, sourcing grains and oilseeds for export and domestic trade. As a recognized local domestic trader, Our Bulgarian Group exports over 100,000 tons annually.

The group\’s dedicated sales team provides comprehensive support throughout the seed and crop protection product selection process, ensuring optimal yields and profitability for its clients. Our Bulgarian Group\’s commitment to innovation extends to its embrace of digitalization, leveraging technology to enhance efficiency and traceability.


Our Bulgarian Group is a leading provider of high-quality grains and oilseeds, catering to the diverse needs of its customers.


The group offers a comprehensive range of seeds, carefully selected to optimize crop yields and adapt to local conditions.


Our Bulgarian Group\’s expertise in fertilizer selection ensures that farmers achieve optimal yields and profitability per unit area planted.


The group provides a wide array of plant protection solutions, tailored to safeguard crops from pests and diseases.

Our Bulgarian Group stands as a testament to the transformative power of agriculture, driven by innovation, sustainability, and a deep-rooted commitment to empowering farmers and nourishing the world.

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