Up to 500,000 (five hundred thousand) Bitcoins for sale.


The procedure is below:

  • The buyer sends LOI/ICPO and the seller sends the SPA Agreement.
  • Buyer and Seller shall sign the SPA Agreement.
  • The buyer and seller sign an escrow agreement provided by the escrow company.
  • Buyer shall show proof of funds (POF) on zoom call and seller shall provide proof of coins via zoom call by sending a satoshi to the buyer Blockchain Vaulta Wallet address to prove availability to the Buyer.
  • The buyer makes payment of the first tranche of the BTC to the Escrow company account including the payment for the satoshi test sent by the seller.
  • Upon execution of the Purchase Agreement, the Escrow Agreement, and payments to the Escrow company by the buyer, Seller shall initiate placement of the first tranche of the BTC into the Buyer’s Blockchain Vaulta Wallet address according to the SPA agreement and provide the buyer with proof of BTC transfer.
  • Buyer proceed with the confirmation of the BTC as per the signed agreement.
  • Seller pays a commission in BTC to the mandated Blockchain Vaulta Wallet address, according to the listed representatives in the signed SPA within 24 hours.
  • After successful confirmation of the above-mentioned, the buyer instructs the Escrow company to release the payment of the BTC to the seller.
  • Seller and buyer decide to sign a 12month contract.

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