3 | Turkmenistan Manat to Euro | Less than 500 Billion TMT

  • Bank to Bank Investment Contract
  • Prices:These advertised prices may change according to supply and demand and also according to other financial criteria, this is why, in case of interest, we ask you to contact us to confirm the updated price:
    • 115.000 Euro NET / 1 Million Manat TMT
    • 125.000 Euro Gross / 1 Million Manat TMT
    • Commission: 10.000 Euro / 1 Million Manat TMT
  • Commission Distribution:
    • 5.000 Euro / 1 Million Manat TMT (Closed side and not negotiated by the Official Seller\’s Representatives)
    • 1.500 Euro / 1 Million Manat TMT (French Advisors Group)
    • 1.500 Euro / 1 Million Manat TMT (AFETOP Group)
    • 2.000 Euro / 1 Million Manat TMT (Your Group)
  • Procedure:
    • LOI specifying the exact desired Manat amount, confirming the Net and Gross prices and the distribution of the commission announced
    • CIS and Passeport
    • and 934 Account to check if the account is operational and that it is not blacklisted by the Central Bank of Turkmenistan

For your order or more information, please contact the Manat Department at manat@afetop.com

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