500 Billion Manat to Euro | Bank to Bank 115/100

Ref .: 201221
Quantity available: Greater than or equal to 500 Billion Manat
Price: 100,000 Net / 115,000 Gross

Strict and non-negotiable procedure:

In your LOI, Specify the quantity of Manats desired

  • Specify the quantity of Manats desired
  • Attach the CIS and the copy of the Passport of the Investor Acquiring Manat, if it is an organization or a company, the CIS of the person authorized to sign and represent the entity.
  • Account number 934
  • Recent proof of funds (POF),


  • 50% Closed on the side of MANAT Supplier representatives
  • 50% on the buyer side will be distributed as follows:
    1/3 AFETOP Group
    1/3 French Group
    1/3 Your group

Our legal department based in France is authorized to receive all confidential information, because it is bound by professional secrecy, by its function. He can therefore receive the POF and all other confidential documents from the New Purchaser of Manat and his representative.

After receipt of these documents for the necessary verification, a Due Diligence will be made within 24 to 48 hours if everything is good, a contract will be established (under cover of reimbursement of investments, as is customary in this sector, because the currency is not officially sold, which remains absolutely legal) and operations begin immediately.

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