01| 16.000 MANAT Pallets for sale in Germany and Switzerland

  • Ref. TMT01-01| 16.000 MANAT Pallets are available in Switzerland (Zurich) and Germany (Frankfurt)
  • Each Pallet contains 105 Million TMT
  • Prices: 115,000 Euro NET and 125,000 Euro Gross / 1 million manats TMT


Step 1:

  1. Send us an LOI specifying the desired number of Pallets
  2. Indicate the Buyer\’s ISO 934 account to check if it is active or not
  3. Join the Buyer\’s CIS and his Passport

2nd step:

  1. If the client\’s account is active, and neither the buyer nor one of his companies are blacklisted by the central bank of Turkmenistan, the provider and the customer will exchange their RWA.
  2. Once the RWAs have been validated, the necessary contracts will be exchanged, validated and signed
  3. official launch of the transaction.

N.B: If these prices do not suit you, please consult the OTHER CASH OFFERS or if you have a target price, please FILL IN THIS FORM. For order or other information about this deal, please contact our Manat department at manat@afetop.com

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