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Financial Service

Small-cap from 500,000 to 7 Million

Accepted Currencies: EUROS, USD or GPB

First phase :
from 500,000 to 2 M: Bullet of 400% in 15 working days,
2 million to 7 million: the ball is 300%

At the signing of the contract, the money:

  • must be transferred to trader\’s platform during the Bullet, so that it has the funds in the same place to allow it to align and confront the line of credit,
  • After 15 working Days have passed, the money is returned to the customer, with the profits,

On a capital basis, the program continues for 3 years with a return of 400% per month, payable weekly.


Since there will be a certain respect for confidentiality between the trader\’s platform and his client, even we do not have the right to know them, even more, to publish them, all the details of the procedure will be exchanged strictly between the trader and the client.
Nevertheless, the outline of the procedure is described as follows:

  1. Presentation of the client\’s KYC (template attached if it is an individual client or a company),
  2. After compliance, the trader enters into direct contact with the client to explain the deal and the procedure,
  3. The Trader explains to the client how the latter will be guaranteed that he will always have control over his account to verify that his deposited funds are still in the bank in his name. (The client can do all the necessary diligence before committing)
  4. After, the customer decides to confirm his participation in the program or not,
  5. If the client confirms his participation in the program, the contract (JVA) between the Client and the Trader will be signed
  6. In the end of the first bullet of (400% from 500,000 to 2 Million) and (300% beyond 2 Million to 7 Million), return of funds and profits to the client.
  7. To benefit from the 3-year program it is absolutely necessary to go through the first bullet

NB: The eTrader platform and the paymaster who takes care of the file are of very high level and recognized worldwide by most international financial institutions
During the conversation between the client and the trader, the client can inquire about all points before confirming and committing

If Interested: Please fill out this form to send you the KYC to complete. For more information, please contact us at

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