Original Caravaggio john the baptist painting for sale

Deal concluded at 23 Million Euro

Original painting for sale: Our partner owner of the painting \”Saint John in the Spring\”, oil on canvas, horizontal rectangular format, dimensions: cm 45.5 x 65.5 which is attributed to Michelangelo Merisi, known as Caravaggio (1571 – 1610).

Chalk portrait of Caravaggio by Ottavio Leoni

Estimated price: 45 Million Euro
Sale price: 35 Million Euro

This painting has already been the subject of expertise who confirm its authenticity and all the documents which prove it are available. This work of art is placed in a safe environment has been valued at no less than 45 million euros ( forty-five million euros).

The painting “Saint John in the Spring” was exhibited in Naples in 2004; published in the Exhibition Catalog: Caravaggio, L\’ultimo tempo, 1606-10, cured by N. Spinosa, Napoli, Electa, 2004, pp. 153-154, as coming from a Roman religious institution.
Other publications: Mina Gregori, Il San Giovannino alla sorgente del Caravaggio, in Paragone-Arte, 1993, 519-521, pp. 3-19;

The “Saint John in the Spring” painting was also inspected with an Optimizer (7x) and a portable ultraviolet light (with a magnifying lens) in the presence of Professor Mina Gregori and the owners. In the morning, three samples of paint and preparatory coats were extracted, to be brought to Florence for cross-sectional examination at the Art Test Laboratory. These were taken from the original areas, checking with UV light that the sampled areas were not interested in pictorial retouching.

Procedures and sales conditions:

  • We must receive an LOI (contact us to send you the name to whom addressed it).
  • Against the L.O.I. it will be possible to view the documents in a certified copy of the original.
  • For subsequent viewing of the Work, B.C.L. is required for the amount requested
  • Viewing is to be agreed upon 7 days in advance at the Conservatory in Switzerland.
  • Requested price for the sale € 35,000,000.00
  • The transaction must take place in a foreign-to-foreign manner.
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