Turkmenistan MANAT Pallets in Germany

This deal is temporarily suspended, the time to ensure a few steps in the proposed procedure

Super reliable offer of MANAT TMT in pallets, it\’s a flash sale, it can be closed at any time (first come, first served), the pallets are in Germany, for other countries in Europe or elsewhere, BRINKS transport costs are the responsibility of the customer.

TMT stored in security house in Germany delivered by Brinks, with chips (controlled by the Turkmenistan central Bank) the bank sealed the packings before shipment. The seller can arrange shipment by shipment by 100 pallets (within 48hours) or increase upon request from a serious qualified buyer.
Those TMT are recognized by 934 accounts and are conform to the Turkmenistan Central Bank.

Pricing quotation for compensation investments in the country:

  • Large quantities available,
  • Per each pallet: 105 million TMT
  • Per each million TMT = 100 000 Euros Net /110 000 Euros Gross (these prices approved to date \”October 1, 2021\”, they are subject to change when ordering, all depend on the BCT, in case of interest, please consult us before)


  • The Provider\’s representatives: 5K Euro closed
  • 2 Intermediate Groups: 2.5K Euro closed
  • Buyer Side: 2.5K Euro opened. (If you are the END BUYER, this amount will be added to the intermediate groups.


  1. Send an LOI of the desired number of pallets
  2. CIS and Buyer\’s Passport for verification
  3. A recent bank statement in the name of the buyer
  4. Verification of the data of the buyer and his company by the competent authorities, to ensure that neither the Client nor his company is blacklisted by the CBT.
  5. Signature of the IMFPA
  6. Arranging an appointment in Frankfurt to check the documents
  7. Visit the Brinks house to check the Pallets
  8. The signing of the contract, verification of payment, and transfer of the SKR
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