Large USDT Sellers Wanted: Lucrative Deal with a Top European Institution (20M+ USDT)


Are you a high-volume USDT holder seeking a reliable buyer?

On behalf of a well-established European financial institution, we’re actively seeking USDT sellers with holdings exceeding 20 million USDT. This presents a lucrative opportunity to offload your USDT securely and transparently.

However, strict adherence to our outlined procedure is essential. Any deviations will unfortunately disqualify you from the deal.


Streamlined Steps: To ensure a smooth transaction, we’ve implemented a streamlined process:
  1. Letter of Intent: Express your interest by submitting a “Letter of Intent to Sell USDT” to the institution.
  2. Quantity & Bank Details: Specify the amount of USDT you wish to sell and provide your receiving bank details.
  3. Verification Test: A small test USDT amount will be sent to the institution’s bank to confirm your legitimacy.
  4. Guarantee Upon Success: Following a successful test (typically within 25 minutes), a Letter of Guarantee will be issued to your bank via the Swift MT 799 procedure.
  5. USDT Transfer: Upon receiving the payment guarantee, you can then transfer the USDT directly to the institution’s bank.
  6. USD Conversion: Once the USDT is received, the guarantee is converted into an unconditional Swift MT103 transfer to your bank account.
  7. Transparent Documentation: A comprehensive set of legally compliant investment documents and a fund declaration will accompany the USD liquidity to ensure compliance.
Increased Incentive:

Higher Commission: As an added benefit, we’ve increased the intermediary remuneration by 2%, offering a competitive and attractive compensation structure.

Confirmation and Next Steps:

If you agree to these terms, please send a confirmation email to with a CC to Explicitly state your willingness to proceed according to the outlined procedure.

Upon receiving your confirmation, an expert financial agent will promptly contact you to verify your USDT availability and elaborate on the institution’s financial capabilities. The verified file will then be transferred to the institution’s managers for swift processing and deal execution.

Highlight Benefits: This is an exceptional opportunity to collaborate with a reputable European institution and securely sell your large USDT holdings. Our transparent and reliable purchasing process ensures a mutually beneficial transaction.

We eagerly await your positive response and look forward to building a successful partnership.

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