Historical Assets Buyer

A heritage asset is an item that has value because of its contribution to a nation’s society, knowledge, and/or culture. They are usually physical assets, but some countries also use the term in relation to intangible social and spiritual inheritance.

A Partner buyer is still accepting some last-minute submissions of the seller’s historical assets, so if you are looking for a buyer to acquire your assets QUICKLY, please contact us:

Here are the buyer’s required procedures, you must agree to them before you send us any submission:


  1. GERMAN GREEN BONDS:- 1924 ONLY $1 Million
  2. YELLOW, GREEN, BLACK, AND RED DRAGON NOTES:- $1 Billion per box of 1,000,
  3. SUPER PETCHILI BONDS:- $5 Million
  4. AGRO-CHEQUES:- $1 Billion for each $100 billion denomination Agro Cheques,
  5. GOLDEN GUN BOXES:- $5 Billion PER BOX,

Platform Trading 1924, 7%, $1000 Gold Backed German Bonds ……………………… introduced by …………….. is direct to the Platform …………….. is an attorney who works with 5 Federal Reserve Officers seconded to Miami and Zurich Redemption Centers. They represent the DOD and the G20. The Trader is a European Platform.
Currently, the Platform is trading German Bonds and Yellow Dragons.
A. German Bonds – $500 M per German Bond; will buy boxes; loose bonds only if selling predominantly boxes.
B. Yellow Dragons – $40B per box; will buy boxes only; no loose bonds.

They can take a minimum of one box of bonds into trade, but better 10 boxes will take a week of due diligence; then depending on the time of the week you finish, it will take from one to eight days to get into the trade. They will DD the security warehouse and/or the attorney for the suitability, as well as the Seller and the provenance of the bond ownership.

Trade Platform requirements: 

  1. Full KYC
  2. Provenance
  3. Complete list of each serial # on an Excel spreadsheet.
  4. POL must include a video or pictures of at least two of the boxes showing all 6 sides of the box including owner or seller in the picture or video. Also, to include passport, newspaper showing the current date and the assets all in the video or pictures.
  5. Must have a SKR or Attorney Attestation Letter.
  6. Must have an RWA
  7. Must be updated within 7 days of submitting the KYC. The KYC must be perfect when it is sent in. 

Here is what is needed for the KYC package:

Turn in your assets on the form provided by the UST for your complete KYC package.

  1. Included in the package you must have the full KYC filled out. Must be a currently dated package. No more than 10 days old.
  2. Include Attorney Attestation Letter or SKR
  3. All serial #’s
  4. Include rolls and extensions if there are any.
  5. Include a global C & D
  6. Include Proof of Life with a picture of the asset or currency. To include a newspaper with current date. Include a current passport and the seller must be in the picture to tie the seller to the assets.
  7. Include provenance of assets or currency. Receipts of purchase and full explanation of history of funds.
  8. No digital signatures. Must be wet blue ink signatures.

Trade possibilities: 

  1. Evergreen Trade Platform: minimum of $500 – Million to enter Evergreen Platform. 50% down at the start of trade to be paid; 10% to intermediaries and 90% to seller/owner. The seller/owner may agree to an additional Project Funding Fee to be shared by the intermediaries. The other 50% goes into a 10-day bullet trade at 185% per day. Once 10 – day bullet trade is over it will automatically roll into the Evergreen Trade platform for a minimum 25 year – 100-year trade. Evergreen Trade pays out 185% per week. Evergreen pays out every Friday, 52 weeks a year. Intermediaries and sellers get paid every Friday.
  2.  40 – week Trades have no bullet trade nor cash upfront. 40 – week trade pays out 100% per month. This trade pays out 40 weeks per year then shuts down mid-November and reopens mid-January of the next year. Shuts down for 2 months. While shut down there are opportunities for bullet trades.