02: Excellent Bank-to-Bank Deal | Interesting Turkmenistan Manat to Euro Contract.

Turkmenistan manat to euro – Bank to Bank Contract: This is an excellent opportunity that may interest the banks, the companies working in the oil and gas sector, and any businessperson wishing to establish a foothold or seeking to set up in Turkmenistan through (a company in this country with an active 934\’ account).
Turkmenistan Manat to Euro: Exchange Price:

(105,000 Euro Net /115,000 Euro Gross) per 1 million Manat TMT, Available quantity: Unlimited Minimum contract: 10 Billion Manat TMT with \” Rolls and Extensions\” (negotiable quantity). Priority will be given to buyers opting for large contracts.

Exchange principle:

The minimum contract is 10 billion Manat TMT
The manats are deposited in an active and up-to-date \”934 account\” of a company in Turkmenistan, which the owner can transfer free of charge to the new buyer if he does not have a \”934 accounts \”, (contact us for more details and procedure).

The buyer appoints his own bank or any other entity of his choice which can act as trustee in Europe, It is not necessary for this trustee to have a 934 account provided that the owner of manats, do his due diligence on it, and validate it.

The funds in euros will be deposited in the account of this entity mutually chosen as trustee, once this trustee confirms the receipt of the Euros in its account, the transfer of the manat will be done right after.

5,000 Euro/1 Million TMT closed for seller side 5,000 Euro/1 Million TMT open for buyer side including AFETOP.

If you are interested in this investment contract, please send us a letter of intent \” LOI \” including:
If you are a third party:

the \” account 934\”, the CIS of the buyer and his passport,

If the buyer is a company, please add to the \” LOI \”,

the company profile the commercial identity of the company the CIS and the passport of the signing manager of the company

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