Who is AFETOP?

Providing High-Quality Financial and Professional Services to Support International Investment Goals

Our company has its roots in Morocco, but our branches and leaves reach out to the world through our partnerships with large investors, international financial institutions, international financial experts, specialized international business lawyers, major international construction and infrastructure project companies, and providers and owners of the most sought-after commodities on the global market, including gold.

With this mosaic of partnerships, we have offered investment and financing solutions to many governments and funding seekers for their projects through customized solutions designed on a case-by-case basis.

Our team of experts, scattered all over the world, especially in the global financial capitals, specializes in financing and investing in public and private international projects, with an emphasis on providing innovative financial solutions and services that help our public and private clients succeed in their investment endeavors.

We are also highly experienced in the establishment, monetization, and trading of practically all banking instruments, as we are part of a network of experts in financial services.

We are also well-connected with suppliers in Turkmenistan, who have all the necessary authorizations from the Turkmenistan Central Bank to exchange their manat for the Euro and the US dollar for investment contracts for investors interested in doing business in Turkmenistan.

Another network with whom we are in perfect synchronization is the gold trade, through small-scale miners and reliable and well-known suppliers globally active in the sector. We can also connect large buyers who wish to purchase directly from states, through our close relationships with governments that own or want to sell gold.

We are also in close collaboration with expert investors who work exclusively in the business of historical assets. We can purchase, monetize, or trade most of these assets if they meet current international standards.

In addition to our financial services, we also offer professional services in international business, namely legal assistance through our professional KYC legal service to provide our clients with the necessary legal protection for their international transactions and affairs.

We also offer an international paymaster service to provide an additional layer of security for international commercial transactions.

We also have a network of international partners in the production, supply, and distribution of high-demand products, helping our clients find and market these products worldwide.

Overall, our company is committed to providing the highest quality financial and professional services to support our client’s international investment goals. Through our specialized expertise and commitment to excellence, we strive to be the go-to choice for those seeking reliable and effective financial and professional solutions.

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