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Unlock your Investment Potential with PING TRADE 2023: A Journey towards Optimal Profitability

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Discover the potential of your investments with the PING TRADE 2023 Program, an exceptional financial opportunity specifically designed for investors seeking to maximize their capital. Watch your investment (participation capital) increase 5 times in 10 working days and up to 135 times in 30 additional working days, all while enjoying unparalleled security and great flexibility.

This program is designed to ensure the security and peace of mind of our clients. Your investment remains under your name, in your bank account, without modification, and never moved.

**Participation conditions**:

  • The investment (initial participation capital in this program) must be between 1 and 100 million, in Euro or USD only.
  • The bank account must be domiciled in a bank among the top 100 globally (preferably in the top 25, check your bank’s ranking with your banking officer).
  • The client must obtain full cooperation from his bank, which must provide him with a bank comfort letter confirming that it agrees that his account can receive large profits, and is willing to be “pinged” from time to time to verify that the client has not withdrawn or moved his funds from the account committed during the duration of the program.
  • The client must understand and accept that he should not reduce the account balance below his initial participation capital.
  • No project or explanations are required regarding the use of profits.
  • Before starting the program, the client must sign the program contract, a 40% JV “Joint Venture” with the platform, and a 10% JV with the group of consultants, lawyers, and financial experts. This allows the trader’s international paymaster to distribute the amounts as agreed.

**Profit structure and flexibility**:

  1. 10-day Option 1: Regardless of your initial participation capital in this program, the platform and the bank retain 40% of the capital, while the client (Investor) can anticipate a gross return of 60% per day for 10 days, of which 10% are allocated to consultants and lawyers, leaving him a net profit of 50%.
  2. Additional 30-day Option 2: This option is not mandatory. After the end of the first 10-day program, the client recovers his investment capital as well as 5 times his stake. If he wishes to enter the second additional 30-day program, he recovers his initial capital and must leave at least 5 million in his account to benefit from 135 times his initial capital. The larger the initial capital, the greater the return on investment and profits will be. All these details will be very well explained during the Zoom meeting with the platform’s financial experts once the client’s file has been approved.

**How to participate in the program**

If you are ready to unlock the potential of your investments with this program and significantly increase your investment capital in record time, please prepare your file which must include a recent KYC/CIS form, an RWA from your bank, proof of life, proof of funds (POF) and the contact details of your two 2 banking officers, all dated within 3 working days. Send your file to our dedicated email address:, making sure to copy If your file is approved following due diligence carried out in 3 days, the kickoff of the deal will be given on the next working day.


The PING TRADE 2023 Program is a gateway to a significant and fast return on investment, with stringent security measures to ensure transaction transparency and safety. Explore this unique opportunity and enjoy full support throughout the process.

**Important Notes**:

  • All submitted documents must be recent and dated within 3 working days to ensure timely due diligence. Please note that any file whose documents are dated more than three days will be automatically excluded without notice. Therefore, make sure that all attached documents are up to date as required by the bank and the platform.
  • Following positive due diligence verification of the client’s file, a Zoom meeting will be arranged between the Platform Manager and each client. This will provide an opportunity to discuss the entire process in detail and answer all questions. To encourage transparency and open communication, therefore, the client is free to invite his lawyer or any other person whose presence he finds beneficial at this meeting. Our goal is to ensure you a clear understanding and total confidence in this program.
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