Recently closed | PPP & BULLET TRADE PROGRAM \”250%\” | Ref. P008

We regret to inform you that the offer you are viewing has expired. We invite you to explore our current offers that are still available. Thank you for considering our services.

Financial Service

We can start this Trade Program from:
Requires minimum 1 M, maximum 100 M USD/EUR on the Account. USD/EUR only.

The platform is now accepting accounts for top banks in the US, Europe, HK, Singapore, and other banks as agreed. Banks in “conflict countries” are not acceptable.

— Procedure:

  • An administrative hold must be provided by the client’s bank to the trade bank.
  • The admin hold process is to be agreed upon by the client and trade bank officers.
  • The funds are not moved in any manner from the client\’s bank.
  • 40 weeks trade with a 250 % Bullet after 15 Banking Days.
  • The leveraged funds then earn 100 % per month for the duration of the trade.
  • The platform will share these profits 25% to the platform and 75% to the investor.
  • Profits are paid weekly after the bullet leverage.
  • First payments are expected to be approximately 4 weeks after the start of trading.


For informational purposes only, based on a $1,000,000 account with administrative hold, the
investor’s ‘estimated’ return may be approximate: $1,000,000 principle + $2,500,000 x 100% per
month x 75% = approximately $2,6000,000 per month, paid as $650,000 per week x 40 weeks =
approximately $26,000,000 for the trade period.

— To start the deal we must receive:

  • The Investor\’s KYC requirement,
  • a high-resolution Proof of Life (Investor shows his passport and current dated newspaper and himself).
  • Proof Of Fund as a current dated tear sheet, BCL, or bank statement is needed. The POF MUST have two (2) bankers’ signatures in wet blue ink.
  • Copies of the 2 bankers\’ cards who have signed the POF are a requirement in the KYC.

2 thoughts on “Recently closed | PPP & BULLET TRADE PROGRAM \”250%\” | Ref. P008”

  1. Mr. Alex Mate

    Subject: FINANCING by PPP Trading Programs

    Dear Sir,
    We accept your preliminary offer for PPP: we have seen and studied your preliminary concept for the projects finance, your suggestion, we accept the PPP proposal.

    We have a
    – 3M Euro account at LGT Bank (At) and
    – 5M Euros in Barclays Bank ( Gb ).
    We would like PPP financing, but we do not transfer the money from our bank.

    I ask your suggestion and the preliminary, but concrete offer, if it is acceptable please confirm it in writing and send me the Creative offer, and draft Contract too, please!

    After that I am sending you attached the requested data with registration of the company and below information of our project that we are working on it and I will send you back the contract filled in including with all data of the receiver as well.

    Best regards,
    Mr. Alex Mate,
    project management
    Krea CITI

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