05: Terms and Conditions to Sale Manat TMT

Why this interest in the MANAT TMT Currency

While this currency is not freely tradable, it is nonetheless regulated. This regulation of Manat exchanges is conducted by the Central Bank of Turkmenistan, so, in order to be able to trade TMT vs EURO or USD, authorizations are required

Thus, before processing your purchasing request, you absolutely must follow these procedural steps:

  1. The buyer must send his 934 account to check if it is active or not, and his CIS to check if he is not blacklisted somewhere, if the purchase will be made in the name of his company have to add his company’s commercial register to this file.
  2. After this stage of verification, exchange, and confirmation of the prices offered, and after confirmation of the prices on both sides, the buyer prepares an official LOI,
  3. Exchange of RWAs between the official bankers.
  4. Preparation of contracts for signatures
  5. Beginning of the exchange process.
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