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We regret to inform you that the offer you are viewing has expired. We invite you to explore our current offers that are still available. Thank you for considering our services.

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An excellent investment opportunity for small investors from €150.000.

A private placement program managed by HSBC London through an Escrow company in England specializing in real estate and financial management.

From €150,000, the investor will have a return on investment of approximately €2 million over a period of 10 months for blocking of funds for a maximum of 2 months.


This Small Caps Program (SCP) is a private placement program that allows investors with small investment capital in their bank accounts \”from 150,000 Euro or the equivalent in their local currencies\”, to access this kind of PPP program and benefit from exceptional and guaranteed returns on investment from € 2 Million for 10 months.

Thanks to this offer, the client or investor multiplies his capital more than 13 times without moving it from his bank account, keeping absolute control over his money for the duration of the program (2 months), this very serious deal, open until the end of March 2022, perfectly regulated and supervised by an American financial platform.

Advantages and guarantees:

  • The funds will remain in the client\’s name and will not move from his bank account in his local bank,
  • The blocking of these funds will not last more than 2 months, after this period, the funds will be released and the customer can do what he wants with his money.
  • Investment amount: Minimum €150,000.
  • The client will benefit from an approximate weekly amount of €65,000 from the second week, and it should be noted that this amount is indicative, the exact amount and exact profit periods will be stated in the contract.

Condition and procedure:

To participate in this offer, the investor is invited to send us the following documents as soon as possible since this program is open until the end of March 2022:

If the customer wishes to register personally on this program, the documents requested are:

  1. A proof of funds \”POF\”: It’s a letter from the customer\’s bank, attesting that the client has the necessary funds (specifying the amount in Euro or local currency), or download this model (via this link) and have it signed and stamped by the client\’s bank, we also accept a recent bank statement provided that it is signed and stamped by the bank
  2. A business card of the client\’s banker, or his detailed data (full name, his professional telephone number, his mobile telephone, and his professional email address).
  3. A copy of the client\’s passport

If the investor wishes to participate in this program on behalf of a company, he must add:

  1. A copy of the company\’s commercial register,
  2. and an official document signed and stamped by the competent authorities, which proves the full name of the company director.

Upon receipt of this file, the platform will do its due diligence for a few working days of the week, and after validation of the file, a contract will be sent to the client for signature, (he will know all the conditions of the program and its profitability details, too, one of the platform managers will be at his disposal to answer all his questions before signing the contract), after that, the client is free to accept or refuse the offer.

When the contract is signed, the customer\’s bank must send the platform an MT760 (document relating to the guarantee which allows the agreed sum to be blocked for 2 months in the customer\’s account and bank).

  • Program duration: 10 months
  • Funds locking period: 2 months maximum
  • End of this offer: End of March 2022, but it may be closed before this date if the program reaches its authorised limit.

You can download this offer or share it without our company data by clicking on \”this link\”.

if you are interested, please fill out the following form to reserve a registration, pending receipt of your documents.

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