Monetizing bank instruments

We have developed relationships with expert financial organizations around the world to monetize banking instruments for clients around the world by arranging monetization against bank instruments held such as BG (bank guarantees), LC (letter of credit), SBLC ( standby) Letter of credit), CD (certificate of deposit), DPLC (direct payment letter of credit) and other banking and financial instruments.

Several forms of funding can be used to monetize the newly created document in order to obtain the right funds for project funding.

The monetization of banking instruments consists of liquidating these instruments by converting them into legal tender. We can monetize or lend just about any bank instrument to use for project financing, transfer them quickly and easily to various trading platforms, as well as creatively incorporate them into the financing of certain development projects.

Many people call it sblc financing or sblc financing since you are basically getting cash on the basis of sblc or bank guarantee.