Manat to Euro | Bank to Bank 125-110 Outside Turkmenistan

Ref: 210101-TMTRA

  • Quantity: Large quantity available, there will be no problem with the volume of the transaction
  • Minimum contract of 100 Billion Manat: Possibility to use the Buyer\’s contract after validation of the terms by the seller\’s legal department
  • All official and legal documents are available
  • Transaction: Bank to Bank
  • Price for 1 Million TMT: 110,000 Euro Net / 125,000 Euro Gross
  • Location: Outside Turkmenistan

The provider offers a sale of TMT with a much simpler procedure than those of other suppliers.
Before any negotiation he requires obtaining from the buyer:

  • The buyer\’s manat 934 account number
  • His place of accommodation necessary to determine on which bank, the transfer of manats must be made in his name
  • His CIS with his passport or failing that an electricity, telephone or another company bill, justifying his address backed by his name.

This allows the seller to make the necessary formalities with the Central Bank of Turkmenistan to obtain approval of the planned transaction with the buyer\’s bank.

When the approval is received, the lawyers draw up the contract on the basis of the quantity and price agreements with the buyer, which will be the subject of control and negotiations on the agreement of all the clauses inserted in this contract.

The commission will be divided into 4 groups:

  • 1/3 of the commission for the seller\’s side: 5,000 € (closed)
  • 1/3 of the commission for the seller\’s facilitators: 5,000 € (closed)
  • the remaining 1/3 will be shared between us and the buying group: € 2,500 each

For information, the seller is open to practice a GROSS greater than € 125,000 up to € 140,000, in this case, the commission that will exist from the NET 110,000 to the determined Gross will be shared according to the previous scheme.

In terms of procedure, Proof of funds will be done directly by interposed bank officers.

The seller will not ask for an SBLC or other type of guarantee, but he will only move his manats when the buyer has sent a CONDITIONAL SWIFT MT103 of the amount of the planned tranche, then upon receipt of the arrival of this SWIFT, the seller will move its manats.
Upon receipt of these manats, the bank will release the Euros and simultaneously proceed to send the manats.
The bank playing the role of a trustee. Thus the security of the operation will be total.

This operation will be renewed at each installment until the end of the contract which can be extended by mutual agreement

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