Manat to Euro | Cash to Bank | Frankfurt 60/50

  • Reference: 210205-TMTAA
  • Turkmenistan Manat Cash to Bank Offer
  • Location: Frankfurt (Germany)
  • Quantity: 50 Billion Manat TMT (Sealed pallets with barcode, In the security house)
  • Prices: (60.000 Euro Gross / 50.000 Euro Net) per 1 Million TMT Manat
  • Commission: 10.000 Euro / 1 Million TMT Manat distributed as follows:
    • 5.000 Euro Seller side (Closed & Non-negotiated)
    • 2.500 Euro Supervisory Mediators (Closed & Non-negotiated)
    • 2.500 Euro Buyer side (Open Buyer Side)

Interested in this deal:

Please send a letter of intent (LOI) to the AFETOP group – \”Affaires et Opportunités\”, to or, specifying the following points:

  • the desired quantity with the prices indicated Net and Gross
  • attach the buyer\’s CIS and their passport copy.
  • Accept the distribution of the commission as indicated
  • Agree to travel to Frankfurt for verification and signing the contract
  • Also mention that you have the financial capacity equivalent to the desired amount

After receipt of the LOI, the provider will invite you by official mail to come to Frankfurt to complete the deal in the presence of lawyers from both sides

The offer ends after completing the existing quantity in both countries

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