Manat to Euro | Bank to Bank 120-110 Outside Turkmenistan

Ref: 210218-SAL

  • Quantity: Open
  • Minimum Contract: 50 Billion Manat
  • Transaction: Bank to Bank
  • Price for 1 Million TMT: 110,000 Euro Net / 120,000 Euro Gross
  • Location: Outside Turkmenistan
  • Facilitators Commission: 10.000 Euro/Million of Manat distributed as follows
    • 5.000 Euro: Seller side (Closed and not negotiable)
    • 2.500 Euro: Our groups
    • 2.500 Euro: Your groups
  • Procedure:
    • Send account 934 so that the provider sends a small sum of manat for the test
    • When the buyer receives the manat in his 934 account, the lawyers will proceed to the establishment of all the contracts necessary for the conclusion of the case in an official manner.
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