Manat TMT to Buy

Since we are in direct contact with two trusts aggregated by the Central Bank of Turkmenistan through our French lawyers, we always receive purchase requests from Manat, which is why we are looking for this sovereign currency for our purchasing partners (Banks, Foundations, Businessmen, etc …), they are ready to conclude as quickly as possible in two forms if the offer is interesting and real:



It is obvious that at the beginning of each arrangement, and after the agreement on the Net / Gross prices, the quantity and the commissions of the intermediaries, the account 934 is essential before the beginning of each transaction and that each customer must provide for that our trusts verify and validate it with the central bank of Turkmenistan, without their confirmations, we will not even bother to try any approach.

Once the 934 account is verified, confirmed, and ensuring the interests of intermediaries if there are any, we put the buyer and seller in direct contact through their legal officers to formalize the deal.