Hass avocado from Morocco for export

Hass Avocado Morocco

Our producers’ Exporters specialized in Agro-Food (section: vegetables and fruits), sell “Hass Avocado” from Morocco in large quantities, dedicated only to export and intended for international markets with different sizes and packaging according to the customer’s choice. and his country

Hass avocado is a variety of avocado with a dark green bumpy skin. At first it was cultivated and sold in Southern California in the United States by the horticulturalist, who gave it its name.

Hass avocado is a large fruit that can weigh up to 300 g when ripe, its skin turns dark purple to blackish and deforms at the slightest pressure when it is ready to be eaten, it turns white-green in color. middle of the internal fruit.

Due to its taste, size, shelf life, high growth yield, and the fact that it is harvested all year round in a few regions, the Hass variety is the most popular avocado and the most marketed in the world. In the United States, it accounts for over 80% of the avocado harvest, 95% of that of California, and it is the most widely cultivated avocado in New Zealand.