Fund your project, whatever the required amount

An innovative financing concept, which allows governments and entrepreneurs to benefit from a financing loan by pack, from 50 Million USD to 250 Million USD.

The opening of the file requires a commitment from the customer, he is required to advance service charges (see details below) that he will return after 3 months (loan validation period).


This is a financing loan of 50 to 250 million US dollars, or more, depending on the customer’s request, this loan is the result of a specific partnership between an international organization, a European bank, and the bank world-renowned English firm HSBC, under the legal supervision of our law firm in Canada.

Why Canada: This country is characterized by a vast legal arsenal, recognized around the world for its credibility and impartiality towards any local or international body, whether governmental or private, regardless of its economic, administrative or political status.

Loan characteristics:

  • The loan is intended to finance public and private development projects.
  • The loan term is 20 years
  • The grace period is between 1 and 3 years depending on the completion of the project
  • The client undertakes to pay operating, supervision and annual management costs which are 4% fixed for the first year, and 1.5% decreasing from the second year and until the end of the period. of the loan, these fees allow our experts to follow the smooth running of the loan process,
  • The interest rate of the loan is 0%
  • Loan processing time: 16 weeks
  • Upon validation of the loan,
    • the customer will receive monthly payments of 25 million USD each until the conclusion of the total contracted amount,
    • the Canadian law firm will reimburse the client for the advance required when the file is opened.

How to take advantage of the loan:

  • Send us a letter of intent accompanied by a business plan and a feasibility study,
  • Examination of the file by a specialized committee,
  • If the file is validated, a contract will be sent to the client
  • At the signing of the contract, our attorney’s office prepares a mortgage guarantee on behalf of the client in the amount of 1,500,000 USD,
  • The client places $ 1,250,000 in the escrow account of the Canadian lawyer responsible for legal coverage of the loan, this amount will be returned to the client after 16 weeks, it will be blocked in this account to allow the legal firm to commit vis-à-vis towards financial, technical and legal experts to initiate administrative and financial procedures with experts from the specialized bank HSBC,
  • After 16 weeks, the client receives the first monthly payment of $ 25 million plus the initial $ 1,250,000 he previously deposited into the attorney’s account,
  • The law firm continues to pay the client’s account monthly an amount of 25 Million USD, until the loan amount is completed.


Before the client deposits his advance in the lawyer’s escrow account (account domiciled at the DesJardins global banking group), the lawyer will make available to the client a mortgage guarantee worth $1.5 million, this guarantee is supervised by the Supreme Council of Quebec.

This means that the costs deposited by the customer are insured in both cases:

  • When approving the loan, the client receives from the law firm, the first monthly loan payments, the value of each being 25 million dollars, in addition to his initial deposit of $ 1,250,000,
  • In case of program failure (which is rare or almost non-existent), the customer returns his deposit of 1,250,000 USD plus compensation of 250,000 USD, for a total of 1,500,000 USD.