International Paymaster Services & Paymaster Attorney

International Paymaster Services

International banking operations are becoming more and more complicated and over-regulated especially when it comes to large sums alarming many banks, to the point of closing customer accounts at the mere mention of large sums of incoming funds for non-compliance by banks, thereby blocking the client’s funds until he can prove the legality and ownership of the funds, which is very frustrating and costly for the client.

We offer Comprehensive Paymaster Services for brokers and companies for the distribution of commissions of all commercial and financial transactions, including:
Transactions on energy products (oil, gas, etc.), raw materials, financial services (banking instruments, monetary transactions, bank guarantees, etc.), transactions in gold and precious stones, etc.

We help BROKERS receive all commission payments on time and legally to avoid blockages at their banks, by handling incoming funds and then disbursing them in accordance with an IMFPA or other fee disbursement agreement.

We are also reliable Partners for companies and institutions that do international trade, through our Paymaster Lawyers and international lawyers who manage commercial transactions on a global level. Payments of fees and commissions must be processed securely and on time around the world to meet legal and international compliance requirements which meet international regulations which will be carefully considered.