Classic Financing

Currently, conventional financing is considered to be a very monotonous and demanding method, and, having become almost impossible for those seeking financing for their projects, this financing option is starting to become scarce and deteriorate. Traditional lines of credit are shrinking, investors who inject 70% into a project are becoming increasingly rare.

We have personally witnessed these regrettable failures of certain projects for which we have been consulted for traditional financing: The main cause of this failure is that almost all financial institutions and donors require a guarantee from the client. ” at least 30% of the amount of the project before starting any discussion, which is practically impossible in most cases, and which blocks the financing and the realization of the project.

After many requests for this type of traditional financing, our investors agree to guarantee up to 80% of the cost of your project.

After receiving a presentation and a financial plan summarized in 2 or 3 pages maximum of your project, our financial, technical, and legal experts consult the file, and if the financing is accepted, we will send you the confirmation of the organization financial institution or the relevant funder through our Canadian law firm who will oversee and set up the entire funding process.

Service charges and fees

As we are successful in over 80% of funding and investment applications, and in order to comply with new global financial regulations, it is now mandatory that all costs and fees for services resulting in acceptance and approval of the official commitment of the funder are covered by the applicant, as explained in the following table, these costs are classified as an indication as follows: