Private Placement Program “PPP”

Private Placement Programs, also called “High Yield Investment Programs”, are private (non-public) investment programs which are based on the purchase or sale of bank financial instruments. In most cases MTNs are mainly used. … The difference between the sale price and the purchase price is the investor’s profit.

This kind of program is occasional is limited in time, the offered profits are never fixed, it depends on each platform that supervises the program and also on supply and demand also on capital or asset value.

From time to time, we receive offers from several standard PPP programs and others with high yields launched by partner financial platforms specializing in this sector. Virtually all of the investment programs (PPP) offered to us, the client will have full guarantees and control of their investment funds or assets, whether they are deposited in a bank, in a house of security, or at a specialized law firm.
Private Placement Programs (PPP) make you gain huge risk-free profits by participating in regulated Private Placement Programs.

In real PPPs, the investor’s principal investment remains either on Admin Hold or MT760 block (depending on the rating of the bank) for the period of the contract, after which it is unblocked. The investor remains the owner of the held/blocked funds and the funds are not moved out of the control of the investor.

The investor’s funds merely act as a deposit against which the Program Directors raise their own leveraged credit facilities – to raise funds for trading.