About us

Among our competencies is also to stimulate the global search for potential and strategic opportunities and business deals

According to your specialties, we can help you to generate great returns in the long term, through our and deals across the world and in various sectors and specialties like:

The collection and exploitation of natural resources (materials, energy, and certain foods) ;

The raw materials processing industries sector;
The service industries sector (essentially intangible: consulting, insurance, intermediation, training, studies and research, administration, human services, security, cleaning, etc.).

“Affaires et Opportunités” is a business and international opportunities office, based in Rabat – Morocco and which participates strongly in the development of governments, especially “African”, by helping them to have funding dedicated to public aid by making available to them, financiers, investors, donors and major international companies for the implementation of major public and private projects through various public-private partnerships (BOT etc . . .).

Our company is promoted by a group of well-connected, high-performing individuals and strategic partners (Financiers, Investors, Large International Companies, Businesswomen and Businessmen, Business Contributors, International Lawyers, Consultants etc…in the Arab Gulf countries, Europe, USA, Canada, Russia, etc…).

Thanks to our extensive and diverse international experience in business, commerce and international trade, we have become private advisers to several African VIPs and many international companies

Business Areas

Investment and financing
Energy: Oil trading & industry | Solar Energy
Trading in gold and precious stones,
Development of Agriculture and Agri-Food Distribution
Mining activity
International Trade & Import Export