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About us

    A strategic partnership is a key to business success

    We maintain professional relationships with a global network of investors, funders, financial platforms, large companies from different sectors, also with international advisers of great reputation as well as international law firms and jurists, without forgetting the professional intermediaries with whom we have very good relations.

    Thanks to our strategic, solid, reliable, credible, and above all proactive partners, we can offer a SERVICE anywhere in the world, of better quality with the best possible results to our clients (public or private) whom we also consider as partners.

    Our professional intermediation services allowed us to benefit from many advantages of our investor partners and also helped us to have access to relevant strategic knowledge on the mindset and vision of investors, which facilitated the exchange, processing, and management of large investments, financing, and financial services files, in order to establish plans and strategies resulting in financing solutions that are very advantageous for both investment and financing applicants and the investor.

    All of our professional intermediation interventions have allowed us to be ranked among our partners as a highly respected and considered business service provider, thanks to this reputation, we are solicited by investors looking for opportunities and by applicants who want flexible investments without too many complications.

    And as an additional incentive, each file received is treated with care by our specialized experts all over the world, in particular: the USA, Canada, Germany, England, France, Bulgaria, etc. where we have renowned representatives.

    In a globalized world, companies can no longer operate in isolation and deal with projects on their own. Whether it’s business development, project finance, or investment partnerships, any company that wants to succeed and avoid adventures must establish strategic alliances to ensure a sure and sustained success.

    We are “Affaires et Opportunités”, a Moroccan company registered in Rabat (Morocco), working in the business world, especially in the financing and investment of major projects, financial services, and consulting.

    Thanks to our very high-level professional network, we are now a credible and fair partner, we often receive requests for:

    • Many business leaders,
    • Government departments
    • Professionals and business leaders
    • Advisers and business shareholders around the world
    • Local and international organizations
    • VIP, and policymakers
    • Their main objective is to establish a reliable and lasting partnership to finance or carry out their major projects or develop their specific economic activities.

    We are business partners that are responsive, determined, and proactive and work with all conviction and integrity to succeed in international business.