German Bonds Boxes to buy

German External Loan, 7% Gold Bond – $1,000, 1924,

Since the European sovereign debt crisis of 2009, we have started to hear the name German Bonds and other new terms in the financial lexicon. These bonds may have been relatively niche globally before the crisis, but investors are now watching so-called bund spreads to determine how well eurozone countries are doing relative to their strongest member.

We still have the possibility of buying this kind of historical asset (German Bonds), but we can only give the prices after the compliance of the documents that the owner must provide us, namely:

  • a complete and recently dated KYC
  • an SKR,
  • a copy of the selling owner\’s passport,
  • an Excel list with the numbers of the boxes
  • and a POL.
    Upon receipt of these documents, and after the validation of the file by the specialist experts, the contract is sent to the owner to approve the conditions and the procedure of the sale and to sign it.

After confirmation, a TTM will be agreed upon between the two parties.

Compliance times can range from a few weeks to several months depending on the importance of the case and its entry into the queue of cases handled by the buyer and its experts.

We can only tell you that currently, a box of 1500 bonds can be worth around 50 Million USD gross, but this figure can vary depending on the buyer and their authorized quotation.

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