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Geo Exploration Technologies

Advanced Geophysical Services

The Work of the partner company is Dedicated to the Prosperity of Our Clients. As a geophysical company providing exploration service worldwide since 1986.

Performance state-of-the-art ground-based geophysics for geotechnical projects in the application fields groundwater, rock and soil engineering, environment as well as UXO-detection and maintains a modern portfolio of geophysical equipment.

Furthermore it conducts some unique and innovative techniques; like the based ground prediction system for the tunnelling industry as well as the new helicopter-borne seismo-electromagnetic methods for exploration and 3D imaging of oil & gas reservoirs as well as ore minerals.

The company is led by a very renowned expert geologist and geophysicist and 10 highly qualified geophysicists, geologists, oil field engineers as well as trained freelancer are available for reliable performance of customized projects across the world.


  • Oil & Gas Exploration
  • Ore Deposit Detection
  • Tunnelling – Ahead Monitoring
  • Metal Objects & Uxo´s Detection
  • Geotechnics & Groundwater Surveys
  • Sustainable Enhanced Oil Recovery