Recently Closed | A RETURN OF 25 MILLION FOR PLACEMENT OF 1,300,000 | Ref. P008

We regret to inform you that the offer you are viewing has expired. We invite you to explore our current offers that are still available. Thank you for considering our services.

Financial Service

A private placement program managed by HSBC London through an Escrow company in England specializing in real estate and financial management.


  • Program duration: 4 weeks
  • Currency: Euro \”€\”
  • Minimum investment amount: €1,300,000 (one million three hundred thousand) it can be done twice if the investor wants

One month after the blocking of the funds in the escrow account domiciled in HSBC, the client will receive in return 50 million euros in his bank account as the program’s profit (subject to an investment contract between the Investor and the escrow company), this sum will be distributed as follows:

The Investor keeps 50% for himself, i.e. 25 Million, and will pay the other 50% or 25 Million to the mediating platform or to its representatives (experts, lawyers, and official mediators behind this deal), a second agreement will be designated for this purpose between the Investor and the representatives of this organizing platform).

Conditions of participation in the program:

CIS of the Investor
Signed contract
If you are interested, please contact us.


The client will receive 50 million, but the organizing platform of the Deal will have 25 million (Experts, Lawyers, and official mediators fees behind this deal, this sum will be the subject of a separate contract between the investor and the representative of the platform)

After validation of his file, the client will receive two contracts to sign:

1- A contract to sign with the Bank
2- A payment commitment of 25 million to the aforementioned organizers.

This program was limited in time, This program was limited in time, if you are interested in a similar one, kindly send us an email with your WhatsApp Number, to inform you when another PPP is available.

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  1. Héctor S. Briceño

    Saludos, si es posible tener un contacto directo con ustedes para hablar sobre el programa de colocación con más detalles. Gracias

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