For Sale: Company specialized in the trade of Oil in Turkmenistan

We have a duly registered Turkmenistan-based company currently listed for sale at a price of € 250,000 Net seller. This company no longer has any commercial activity, its balance sheet is zero, but it has a manat 934 account which can be reactivated at any time, and above all it has a license to operate gas and oil, which can be very interesting for the future buyer, especially if he already works in the oil industry. If this license is not essential to him, he can resell it at his discretion.

It should be noted the importance of such an acquisition, because since last August 8 the Turkmen Central Bank has raised the price of its manats, when the export of this currency requires its export to an account 934 located outside Turkmenistan\’s borders. , at 130,000 € / 140,000 € per million MTT, whereas if the 934 account is within Turkmenistan borders, the price is 110,000 € / 120,000 € per million MTT.

It is obvious that the investment of € 200,000 for this acquisition will pay off very quickly, as the gain on the first 10 million TMT already covers the purchase price of this operation.

Not to mention that the gains will remain iterative because the price of TMT will be reduced by € 20,000 per million of TMT acquired.

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