Unlock 10% Premium When You Buy Large Amount of USDT

Unlock 10% Premium When You SELL Large Amount of USDT

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Choose Us?
  3. Detailed Procedure
  4. Contact Us
  5. Conclusion

1. Introduction

Are you looking to sell large amounts of USDT and unlock a 10% premium? A prestigious European bank is offering an exceptional opportunity for high-value USDT transactions. This unique chance is ideal for sellers aiming to diversify their assets with a guaranteed 10% bonus on top of the market price.

2. Why Choose Us?

Well-known European Bank

Partner with a reputable financial institution that seeks to diversify its assets.

High Volume Transactions

We are purchasing large quantities of USDT for USD or EUR, ensuring high-value deals.

10% Premium

Enjoy a 10% bonus on top of the market price when you sell large amounts of USDT.

Guaranteed Payments

Receive a Payment Guarantee Letter (PGL) issued immediately after due diligence.

IMFPA Contracts

Separate IMFPA contracts for buyer and seller intermediaries at 2% commission each.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity! It’s first come, first served, so act quickly to qualify, secure, and confirm your seller opportunities.

3. Detailed Procedure

The procedure required by the buyer bank is non-negotiable and must be followed precisely. Here’s how it works:

  1. Statement of Sale: Seller states the amount of USDT they wish to sell.
  2. Banking Coordinates: Seller provides their receiving banking coordinates.
  3. Direct Handshake: Seller performs a direct handshake with the Deal Supervisor.
  4. Payment Guarantee Letter (PGL): After a successful handshake, the bank will send a Swift MT 799 Payment Guarantee Letter to the seller’s bank.
  5. USDT Transfer: Upon receiving the PGL, the seller transfers the USDT directly to the bank buyer.
  6. Swift MT103 Transfer: Once the bank buyer receives the USDT, the PGL is converted by an unconditional Swift MT103 cash transfer to the seller’s bank account.
  7. Investment Documentation: The USD cash transfer comes with clear, legal investment documents and funds declaration.

For very high amounts, transfers can be done in smaller tranches, depending on the seller’s bank capability.

4. Contact Us

If you are a seller with a large amount of USDT and are ready to follow the required procedure, please send us a confirmation email. We will then send you a Letter of Intent to be signed and returned to the assigned agent handling this transaction.

5. Conclusion

Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to sell USDT at a premium price today! With a guaranteed 10% bonus, secure transactions, and a well-established European bank as your partner, you can’t go wrong.

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