Sardines surgelées

Nous cherchons pour un partenaire Français des sardines surgelées:
• Consommation humaine
• Calibrage 8 a 12 sardines par kg
• Surgélation pas spécifiée mais la plus courante
• Emballage: 20 kg
• Target price: Faire votre offre, on a une proposition d 0.3€/kg FOB
• Transport Maritime
• Payment Contrat en LC

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We Buy Manat Currency

We are looking for a large quantity of Manat (no limit) for European partner banks and for international companies to make transactions in the petroleum sector, mostly for the purchase of gas or oil, or for oil research in Turkmenistan.
To carry out this business, we will need a contract specifying the procedures for this sale and must be unhygienic because Due Diligence will be made on the information provided therein.
In addition, it is a B2B sale therefore a recent bank statement specifying the amount equal to or greater than the quantity of manat offered for sale.
Of course the basic documents are necessary, namely the seller’s CIS, copy of his passport, and if it is a company, his certificate of incorporation.
Due Diligence will be made and 48 hours after the buyer will give his documents for the start of the deal.
The seller’s bank must have an ISO 934 account and of course our buyers already have it. they are ready to conclude as soon as possible in two forms:


We must have the following information:

  • Seller’s CIS
  • POL of the existing in the form of photos with passport of the seller and daily newspaper giving certain date
  • Quantity available in the form of pallets
  • Quantity of manats per pallet
  • Product storage location
  • Price in Euros NET and GROSS proposed by your seller per million manats


The procedure remains the same except for the “POL” which must be replaced by an extract from a manats bank account indicating the available balance, compatible with the amount of the transaction.

It is obvious that the main data that the seller must give, are imperative at the start of this deal, without which, our banks will not even bother to try any approach.


The seller must provide an RWA with the quantity of manat to sell, a CIS of the seller, a copy of his passport, and if it is a B2B transaction, a copy of his recent bank statement, if it is a company, you need the certificate of incorporation of the company.
If the operation is Cash to bank, instead of a bank statement, it requires a POL (Proof of life) of the goods, and a SKR, with indication of the place of storage. The pallets carrying the tickets must be original with their barcode (ships), otherwise they are considered as bulk, and the price is no longer the same.
The prices revolve around a GROSS and a NET in function of the buyers,
When the file is complete, it is sent to make a DUE DILIGENCE and when it is favorable the deal can begin.
If this procedure can be observed, we can do, if this start of the deal is not respected, then nothing can move forward.
Good luck and I hope we go a long way together

The Purchase Prices

To discuss and fix the purchase prices, we must be informed of the quality of Manat, that means, that the price depends on the presentation of Manat. If they are mini-pallets, 30 million Manats are needed. The entire Pallets are 105 million, these pallets are sealed and have a barcode to confirm that they are original and have never been opened.

There are also loose Pallets that are open.
Finally, if the Manat are in the Bank, in this case the operation will be (Bank to Bank) based on the daily price of currency in the Country where the Manat are located.

Why the question about the country, simply most of our buyers prefer to make their transactions either in Frankfurt in Germany or in Zurich in Switzerland


We Buy and Sell Turkmenistan Manat

Whether it is cash to bank of bulk pallets or sealed with barcodes, or bank to bank, both in purchase and sale.

For buyers, we can put you in direct contact with a company providing services to the Turkmen Central Bank, authorized to distribute to investors the quota of manat made available by this special authorization.

The buying investor (the Euro Provider) only has to draw from the reserve allocated to the provider holding this authorized quota. Save time and make it easier for the Euro provider.

In addition, we have the possibility to obtain through these providers, the allocation of a 934 account for any customer who does not have an ISO 934 account, without it it is impossible to acquire Turkmen currency.

I would like to inform about the existence of our possibilities in this area.

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Geo Exploration Technologies

Advanced Geophysical Services

The Work of the partner company is Dedicated to the Prosperity of Our Clients. As a geophysical company providing exploration service worldwide since 1986.

Performance state-of-the-art ground-based geophysics for geotechnical projects in the application fields groundwater, rock and soil engineering, environment as well as UXO-detection and maintains a modern portfolio of geophysical equipment.

Furthermore it conducts some unique and innovative techniques; like the based ground prediction system for the tunnelling industry as well as the new helicopter-borne seismo-electromagnetic methods for exploration and 3D imaging of oil & gas reservoirs as well as ore minerals.

The company is led by a very renowned expert geologist and geophysicist and 10 highly qualified geophysicists, geologists, oil field engineers as well as trained freelancer are available for reliable performance of customized projects across the world.


  • Oil & Gas Exploration
  • Ore Deposit Detection
  • Tunnelling – Ahead Monitoring
  • Metal Objects & Uxo´s Detection
  • Geotechnics & Groundwater Surveys
  • Sustainable Enhanced Oil Recovery