40 Billion Manat to Euro | Bank to Bank 120/110

We have an allocation of 40 billion for which the Central Bank of Turkmenistan has already given all the authorizations.

We need a buyer with an ISO 934 account, with the adequate financial capacity, to be able to own all or part of this allowance.

Each tranche to be delivered must be 10 Bi, as many times, until the end of the allocation.

To avoid any dissemination of proof of funds to intermediaries, if the buyer wishes, this POF can be produced by intermediary bank officers.

The procedure is simple, it is a question of signing a contract of which we will send you the draft, attach the buyer\’s CIS, the copy of his passport, the certificate of incorporation with the resolution board of authorization to contract. , if it is a company, and also the account number 934 to receive the manats.

Upon receipt of these documents, the lawyers on both sides, put the seller and the buyer in direct contact for the finalization of the file, and the signature of the NCNDA-IMFPA.

All the authorizations of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan have been given, for immediate execution.

For the Commission which will be covered by an official and certified paymaster:
The seller will issue an IMFPA contract complementary to the initial contract, for the payment of commissions to intermediaries, which will be broken down as follows:

50% for the seller side (closed and non-negotiable)
50% for the buyer side (25% for your team and 25% for our team

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