03| 290 Manat TMT Pallets for sale in Dubai

Réf: TMT02-02 | 290 Manat TMT Pallets micro chipped with their barcodes for sale.

Deal Closed


  • 90.000 Euro Net / Million Manat TMT
  • 105,000 Euro Gross / Million Manat TMT


Send a letter of intent specifying the following points:

  • The reference TMT02-02
  • the number of pallets desired (each pallet contains 100 million manats TMT),
  • Confirm acceptance of quoted prices
  • Attach the CIS and copy of the buyer\’s passport
  • Signature of the contract and of the IMFPA between all parties
  • Set a date for the TTM to exchange RWAs between the two parties
  • Beginning of transactions

N.B: If these prices do not suit you, please consult the OTHER CASH OFFERS or if you have a target price, please FILL IN THIS FORM. For order or other information about this deal, please contact our Manat department at manat@afetop.com

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