160 Billion Manat to Euro | Bank to Bank 120/110

Deal done

This offer is about up to 2.5 trillion of Manat.

The first contract of 160 Billion is ready but can be modified on a higher quantity until 2.5 Trillion according to the desire of the customer.
The prices are NET 100,000 € – GROSS 120,000 € per million TMT.

The total commission awarded by the provider is €20,000, it will be shared as follows:

  • € 10,000 (Closed by the Certified Representative and his team)
  • 5,000 € (closed on the provider Facilitators side)
  • 5,000 € which will be shared between the party representing the applicant and us.

Our provider is a European company that will renew this contract at the same clauses and the same prices as if this first contract will be executed without a problem.

We will send the draft that the applicant will be asked to fill in all the information concerning him first, and return it to us signed and sealed to be also completed and signed by the provider, to make it immediately executable and to involve the lawyers on both sides to execute the deal.

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