Urgently Seeking BlueZim Boxes in a Zürich Security House

zimbabwe 100 trillion dollar

Are you in possession of a Blue Zimbabwe BOX stored in a reputable Zürich security house?

If so, we have an exceptional and time-sensitive opportunity for you. We are urgently seeking one or more BlueZim boxes and are prepared to offer a highly attractive deal to those who can meet our specific requirements.


The BlueZim box must be accompanied by a Safe Keeping Receipt (SKR).
Essential documents include Know Your Customer (KYC) and the SKR.
A certificate from the head of the security house confirming the box’s existence may be required.

Deal Highlights:

  • Pricing: 30B minus 15%
  • Seller’s Commission: Generous 7.5%
  • Facilitators: 2.5% allocated to trusted facilitators we are in discussions with.
  • Seller’s Agent: 5% for Deal Supervisors.

This is an unparalleled opportunity with substantial financial rewards for those who can meet our criteria. The urgency of this request cannot be overstated, and we encourage you to act quickly to take advantage of this lucrative offer.

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If you meet these requirements and are interested in participating, contact us immediately to secure your spot in this unique and profitable venture.

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